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A method of teaching weaving with   Jessejump Basic Weaves

View from above

View from
the front























1. Insert basic weave poles into the ground, staggered and angled out as illustrated.

2. Sit your dog at one end and walk to the other, turn facing your dog.

3. Recall your dog giving the command you want to use for weaving, praise and repeat.

4. Next try to encourage your dog to walk through whilst you walk down the side. Your dog
 is learning weaving means, 1st pole left, 2nd pole right, and so on. Praise and repeat.

5. Slowly over time move poles together to form a straight line. If your dog fails repeatedly
 take a step back and widen the stagger till the dog succeeds. 

6. Once your dog is weaving by voice command only, you can start to straighten the poles
 to a vertical position.

These exercises should not be rushed it is better to take a step back and achieve the task
than fail and confuse the dog.